Installation and Dismantle

When designing exhibits and planning for the display of products and literature, for both in-line and island booths, good judgment and consideration for neighboring exhibitors and attendees should be the exhibitor’s primary objective.


Expo Center: Sunday, June 17 | 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Main Hall: Sunday – Monday, June 17-18 | 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Installation of exhibits must be carried out during the times listed. Any booth not occupied by opening of the Exhibit Hall may be assigned to another exhibitor unless the ASMBS Convention Director has been made aware of extenuating circumstances. There will be no refund to the original exhibitor. Any exhibitor who needs to work past 5:00 pm must obtain permission from the ASMBS Convention Director.


Expo Center: Monday, June 17 | 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Main Hall: Thursday June 21 | Close of show – 8:00 pm
Friday June 22 | 8:00 am – 1:00 pm

Dismantling exhibits includes packing equipment, literature, display materials, graphics, giveaways or in any way altering the appearance of an exhibit. Dismantling may begin at close of show on Thursday, June 21st. Dismantling exhibits or “preparing to dismantle” before the show closes may result in the loss of Priority Points. Cartons for display materials will be returned as promptly as possible to each booth after the official closing time. The ASMBS and the facility hosting the meeting do not assume any responsibility for loss or damage to exhibits, equipment, personal belongings, etc., during the dismantling period. All exhibits must be packed and material handling/outbound shipping forms completed by 1:00 pm, Friday, June 22nd.


The ASMBS has made every effort to appoint the best-qualified contractors to provide services at the Annual Meeting. If an exhibitor chooses to designate a non-official “exhibitor-designated contract” (EDC), the exhibitor and contractor must abide by the following rules and procedures and submit notification by May 13, 2012 to the ASMBS. The ASMBS requires that the exhibitor notify their EDC of the rules and procedures that govern the Annual Meeting, including deadlines for filing.

EDCs must either obtain labor from the official general contractor or provide evidence to the official contractor that they possess applicable and current labor contracts. To use the services of an EDC, the following rules and deadlines must be adhered to. Deadlines cannot be extended. If deadlines are missed, the official contractor must be used for services.
Exhibitors are required to return the “Notification of Intent to Use EDC” form, found in the Exhibitor Service Kit. The designated exhibiting company representative must sign the form. Please submit one form per service used (e.g., floral, audio/visual, photographer, installation, dismantling, personal computer rentals, furniture, etc.). The form may be copied. Changes must be submitted in writing prior to May 13, 2012. Show management will not accept requests from the contractor.

The ASMBS reserves the right to remove an EDC whose actions jeopardize the on-time opening of the exposition or whose employees fail to observe the regulations and procedures in the Prospectus, Exhibitor Service Kit, and Exhibit Space Application.


Freeman Services


The Exhibit Service Kit, containing order forms for the most often needed exhibitor services.
 View Service Kit


Freeman will control access to the loading docks and will receive and handle all exhibit materials and empty crates. Freeman will handle unloading or reloading at the freight docks of any and all contracted carriers. Freeman will not be responsible for any material it does not handle.

Exhibitors may hand-carry their materials into the Exhibit Hall. The use or rental of dollies, flat trucks and other mechanical equipment, however, is not permitted. Only full-time employees of the exhibit company will be allowed to hand-carry items.

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