Mechanisms of Obesity and Bariatric Surgery

Mon 7:30 AM -- 12:15 PM

Location: Room 29D

Track: CME

Before 5/17/12: Member: $150 | Non-Member: $350

After 5/17/12: Member: $200 | Non-Member: $300

Course Director:
Robin Blackstone, MD, FASMBS, FACS; Francisco Rubino, MD; Stacy Brethauer, MD

*Up to 3.75 CME credits available.*

Course Overview and Target Audience:
This course provides a comprehensive overview of the biology of obesity related to energy, exploring the relationships between nutrient sensing/gut-brain signaling and satiety, insulin resistance and comorbidities, and obesity and cancer risk, as well as identifying weight loss dependent and independent effects of metabolic surgery. The course is designed for bariatric researchers, bariatric surgeons, and surgeons new to the field who are interested in the pathophysiology of obesity and mechanisms of action of bariatric operations.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Review biology of obesity related to energy and nutrient sensing, gut-brain signaling related to hunger and satiety,  and glucose metabolism
  • Recognize pathophysiology of obesity related to inflammation, cancer risk, and the relationship between insulin resistance and obesity-related comorbidities
  • Identify Weight-loss independent effects of metabolic operations, changes in energy regulation and food choices after bariatric surgery, and mechanisms of improved glucose homeostasis.

Maintainance of Certification:
For bariatric researchers, bariatric surgeons, surgeons new to the field of bariatric surgery, primary clinicians this event will provide CME in their specific specialty to comply with Maintenance of Certification (MOC) in the following areas:  (1) Patient Care, (2) Medical Knowledge, and (3) Practice-Based Learning and Improvement.

Course Outline:

Session I: The Biology of Obesity 

7:30 am
The Perils and Promises of Metabolic Programming – Joy Bunt, MD, PhD

7:50 am
Role of the Gut in Obesity: The Mechanisms That Govern Hunger, Satiety and Glucose Metabolism (Gut Hormones, Bile Acid Exposure, Microbiota – Randy Seeley

8:10 am
Body Weight Regulation: Not Just a Matter of Energy In and Energy Out Lee Kaplan, MD, PhD

8:30 am
Can You Be Heavy and Healthy or Fat but Lean? – Sayeed Ikramuddin, MD

8:50 am
Inflammation and Obesity – Robert O’Rourke, MD, FASMBS

9:10 am
Cancer and Obesity – Ted Adams, PhD, MPH

9:40 am
Panel Discussion with Q&A

10:00 am
Refreshment Break

Session II: The Mechanisms of Action of Surgery

10:15 am
The Effect of GI Surgery vs. Non-surgical Weight Loss Interventions on Energy Expenditure – Lee Kaplan, MD, PhD

10:35 am
The Metabolic Operations:  Sleeve, GBP and DS – Ricardo Cohen, MD

Weight-Independent and Weight-Dependent Mechanisms of Comorbidity  Resolution  - Sayeed Ikramuddin, MD

11:15 am
Gastric vs Intestinal Mechanisms: Distinct Impact on Body Weight and Glucose   Homeostasis – Francesco Rubino, MD

11:35 am
Impact of Metabolic Surgery on the Brain – John Morton, MD, FASMBS

11:55 am
Panel Discussion with Q&A

12:15 pm


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