Rules and Regulations

Approximately 150 companies are expected to participate in the ASMBS Annual Meeting Exhibition, and it is the intent of the ASMBS that a professional atmosphere for the attendees and a viable marketplace for exhibiting companies exist. To that end, ASMBS has established Rules and Regulations that govern the Exhibition and participating exhibitors. These are in place to serve the best interest of all parties and provide a fair and equitable environment for all. A mutual commitment of good faith and cooperation to all parties involved will ensure the quality of the ASMBS Exhibition.

The Rules and Regulations contained herein are intended by the ASMBS to serve the best interest of the ASMBS Annual Meeting, the exhibitors and the attendees, and
to give notice to applicants and exhibitors of governing rules and regulations. All applicants, exhibit personnel and exhibitor- designated contractors are bound by the Rules and Regulations.

The ASMBS shall have full authority to interpret or amend these rules, and its decision is final. Exhibitors agree to abide by any rules or regulations that may hereafter be adopted, which shall be as much a part as though originally incorporated. All issues not addressed herein are subject to the decision of the ASMBS. These rules and regulations have been formulated in the best interest of all exhibitors.

The exhibitor understands and agrees that the information contained in this Prospectus and the ASMBS Rules and Regulations are an integral and binding part of the Exhibit Space Contract, and that signing the Exhibit Space Application/Contract indicates understanding and agreement to comply with all policies, rules, regulations, terms and conditions in this Prospectus, and any others issued by the ASMBS regarding the Annual Meeting; willingness to abide by the payment policy; acknowledgement of having read the ASMBS Rules and Regulations, and agreement to distribute them for proper execution to those individuals involved with exhibiting.



By applying for exhibit space, an exhibit or agrees to adhere to all co additions and regulations outlined in this Prospectus. Any violations shall subject the exhibiting company to these penalties:

  • First Violation – Loss of current year Priority Points plus loss of 10 percent of the total number of accrued points rounded to the nearest whole number.
  • Second Violation – Loss of current year Priority Points plus loss of 50 percent of the remaining accrued points rounded to the nearest whole number.
  • Third Violation – Loss of all exhibiting privileges, i.e., company will not be invited to exhibit at future ASMBS meetings.

Any exhibiting organization that fails to notify the ASMBS, in writing, prior to the Annual Meeting of its intent to cancel is deemed a no-show. A no-show may result in a loss of exhibiting privileges at future ASMBS Annual Meetings and no refunds will be issued. Whenever practical or appropriate in the ASMBS’s view, disciplinary action will be progressive according the aforementioned sequence, but a more severe penalty, including refusal or termination of the exhibit, may be levied at the discretion of the ASMBS without the requirement of progressing through each of the aforementioned successive steps.

Infractions of the spirit of the rules by potential exhibitors at any time may be considered in determining whether to accept an application from such company seeking to exhibit at any ASMBS meeting.

Each exhibitor is granted nothing more than a terminable license to exhibit, subject to all the rules herein and the approval of the ASMBS. If the ASMBS determines that any exhibit has failed to comply with any rule herein or any directive issued to the exhibitor, the ASMBS may terminate the license and close that exhibiting company’s exhibit without notice.

In all interpretations of the ASMBS Rules and Regulations, the ASMBS’s decision is final.


One of the purposes of the Annual Meeting is to provide exhibitors with an opportunity to interact with other exhibitors, attendees and ASMBS staff. Those contacts must be conducted in a cordial, professional manner. Inappropriate behavior or undesirable conduct including, but not limited to, verbal or physical abuse, whether threatened or performed, will not be permitted or tolerated. The ASMBS retains the right under this agreement to remove any exhibitor from the premises who, at the ASMBS’s sole discretion, engages in inappropriate, undesirable, or abusive behavior. Removal may also include the termination of the exhibitor’s license to exhibit, granted herein, and the closing and removal of the exhibit. Exhibitor hereby waives any and all claims for damages against the ASMBS by reason of such removal. Removal under these circumstances may result in an exhibitor being barred from future Annual Meetings.

Exhibits are subject to the approval of the ASMBS. The ASMBS reserves the right, even after an application has been approved, to refuse exhibits, curtail activities, or to close exhibits or parts of exhibits that do not, in the ASMBS’s determination, comply with the ASMBS Rules and Regulations governing the Annual Meeting; are contrary to the ASMBS’s scientific or public policies, positions, statements or guidelines; or otherwise reflect unfavorably on the character of the ASMBS or its Annual Meeting.


Hospitality suites are only available to companies who are exhibiting at the Annual Meeting. Private functions are limited to times that do not conflict with official ASMBS activities. See Exhibitor-Sponsored Private Functions for days and times that are available for private functions.


Canvassing in any part of the facilities used by ASMBS is strictly forbidden, and anyone doing so will be requested to leave the building. Distribution of advertising or printed material by the Exhibitor outside of the Exhibitor’s allotted space will not be permitted. Signage for product or activity promotion is NOT permitted outside the space contracted unless specifically authorized by ASMBS.


Exhibitors may not dismantle or disturb their exhibits until after the official closing. Failure to observe this rule will result in loss of priority points and may jeopardize the right to exhibit at forthcoming ASMBS events.


Demonstrations or live interviews must be confined to the limits of the space contracted and only during refreshment breaks and lunch. Special promotional activities must have written permission of the ASMBS and must be contained within the space contracted. Drawing large crowds such that they spill out into the aisles and neighboring booths is not allowed. Aisles must not be blocked in accordance with fire marshal regulations.


Audiovisual and other sound effects must be regulated so that they do not disturb neighboring exhibits. Exhibitors may not use electronic or electrical devices that cause noise, odor or other types of annoyance to those in attendance. The ASMBS Convention Director reserves the right to determine at which point sound interferes with others and
must be discontinued.


Taking pictures, other than by the official photographer or registered press, is prohibited during installation, show days and dismantling. No cameras of any kind will be allowed on the exhibit floor during these times.

Exhibitors have control over their rented space and may prevent those considered their competitors from gaining access to, photographing, videotaping, or otherwise mechanically recording their exhibits or presentations.

Violation of this rule could result in removal of the individual from the exhibit hall, confiscation of the film and penalization of 25 points for the exhibiting company’s space assignment for the following Annual Meeting.


Exhibitors who display at the ASMBS Annual Meeting are required to observe the following regulations concerning media relations:

Exhibitors may not conduct press conferences on the exhibit floor or in the Convention Center; however, individual interviews may be conducted in the exhibit booth. Press conferences may be held in hotels in the area surrounding the convention center.

For further information on securing a hotel room for a press conference or other media functions (breakfast, lunch or reception), please contact Pat Watson, CMP, Convention Director at 352.331.4900,

The list of media representatives attending the ASMBS Annual Meeting is not available to exhibitors. Exhibitors are responsible for cultivating their own press contacts in and during
the Annual Meeting.

Exhibitors who notify members of the press to meet them in the exhibit hall must first direct those individuals to the ASMBS Press Room where they are to register for press credentials. This policy also applies to photojournalists, television and radio sound crews.

Exhibitors who wish to distribute media kits, media alerts or press releases may leave these materials for display in the Press Room only. All materials are subject to review by the ASMBS Press Room staff for approval prior to distribution in the Press Room. Any materials distributed to the press must be directly related to an exhibit on display at the ASMBS. Exhibitors are responsible for the transport and delivery of their own press kits and related materials to the ASMBS.


The ASMBS does not allow children between ages six months to 16 years in the Exhibit Hall at any time. Infants under six months will be allowed in the Exhibit Hall during exhibit hours only. For reasons of insurance, liability and safety, infants must be held at all times; strollers and infant carriers will not be allowed. Waivers will be available at the Exhibitor Registration Desk. Because of the professional nature of the program and limited seating, children are not allowed into the educational sessions.


Exhibiting companies are permitted to distribute giveaways in accordance the AMA Ethical Guidelines, which state:

“Some gifts that reflect customary practices of industry may not be consistent with the Principles of Medical Ethics. To avoid the acceptance or distribution of inappropriate gifts, physicians should observe the following guidelines: Any gifts accepted by physicians individually should primarily entail a benefit to the patients and should not be of substantial value. Accordingly, textbooks, modest meals, and other gifts are appropriate if they serve a genuine educational function. Cash payments should not be accepted. Individual gifts of minimal value are permissible as long as the gifts are related to the physician’s work (e.g., pens and note pads). No gifts should be offered or accepted that create an obligation to the physician or registrant. For example, physicians should not accept gifts if they are given in relation to the physician’s prescribing practices.”

Exhibiting companies must secure ASMBS approval for giveaways.


Each Exhibitor represents and warrants to ASMBS that it is the lawful owner or licensee of any trademarks, trade names, service marks, or domain names used in any displays, advertisements, printed materials or other matter during the course of or otherwise related to the Annual Meeting, and that the use of any such marks or names does not infringe on the rights of third parties. Each Exhibitor further warrants and represents that it is the lawful holder or licensee of any patent, trademark, copyright or other intellectual property right in any product, device or printed matter used, displayed or distributed by Exhibitor during the course of or otherwise related to the Annual Meeting.

Each Exhibitor intending to use recorded or live performance music shall obtain ASMBS’s prior written consent to such use, and Exhibitor shall be responsible for any licensing fee or royalty due as the result of such use

Each Exhibitor agrees that the indemnity and hold harmless provisions contained elsewhere in these Rules and Regulations apply to any issue concerning the alleged infringement of any patent, trademark, copyright, service mark, trade name, domain name or other intellectual property right. In the event of a claimed infringement, each Exhibitor agrees that ASMBS shall have the power to make any reasonable settlement, including the ejection of Exhibitor or the prohibition of the use of the alleged infringing product, device or printed matter, as ASMBS deems necessary or appropriate under the circumstances without the consent or approval of Exhibitor. Each Exhibitor agrees that ASMBS may take any legal action appropriate, including the obtaining of injunctive relief, to ensure compliance with the foregoing provisions.


Live surgery telecasts are not permitted in the Exhibit Hall. Use of videotaped procedures is permitted.


The ASMBS reserves the right to revoke or deny attendance of any registered participant, speaker, exhibitor, news media reporter, or photographer of presentations, activities, conferences and meetings.


  • No food or beverage may be distributed by an Exhibitor in the exhibit hall or facility without the prior written consent of ASMBS. No beer or wine may be served by an Exhibitor without the prior written consent of ASMBS. No intoxicating liquors or controlled substance may be distributed in the exhibit hall or facility at any time.
  • The possession, sale or use of illegal drugs within the exhibit hall or facility is strictly prohibited.
  • Animals and pets are not permitted within the exhibit hall or facility. Guide animals are permitted as required by law. Smoking is not permitted within the exhibit hall.

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